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Climate change - the wider picture

image depicting Climate change research is helping us to plan for the future
Climate change research is helping us to plan for the future
Given the impact that climate change will have on the world in the future, it is no surprise to find that a number of different organisations are now providing valuable data and information on the changing conditions that we will all have to face which is being used to good effect by a wide range of end-users.

We use many information sources in the development of our plans and have set out below details of four, highly respected organisations together with a brief description of what you will find on their websites.

The Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research

The Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research, which is part of the Met Office, provides a focus in the United Kingdom for the scientific issues associated with climate change. The main aims of the Hadley Centre are:

  • To understand physical, chemical and biological processes within the climate system and develop state-of-the-art climate models which represent them;
  • To use climate models to simulate global and regional climate variability and change over the last 100 years and to predict changes over the next 100 years;
  • To monitor global and national climate variability and change;
  • To attribute recent changes in climate to specific factors;
  • To understand, with the aim of predicting, the natural variability of climate.

The UK Climate Impacts Programme

The UK Climate Impacts Programme (UKCIP) provides scenarios that show how our climate might change and co-ordinates research on dealing with our future climate.
UKCIP shares this information, free of charge, with organisations in the commercial and public sectors to help them prepare for the impacts of climate change.
The climate change we expect in the next 30-40 years will be due to our past greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change later this century will be determined by the emissions we allow now.
We need to adapt our way of life so that we can prepare for the changes that are already in the climate system, as well as limiting our future greenhouse gas emissions.

The South West Climate Change Impacts Partnership

South West Water is a member of the South West Climate Change Impacts Partnership. Other members of the Partnership include the Environment Agency, the Government Office of the South West, The Met Office, The South West Regional Development Agency, Devon County Council and other organisations.

The key aims of the Partnership are to:

  • Increase awareness of the need for CC adaptation;
  • Review regional arrangements for extreme weather events;
  • Coordinate climate change strategies within the region;
  • Undertake research and share knowledge gained.

In 2003 the partnership produced a scoping study called "Warming to the Idea" which:

  • Described climate change scenarios in the South West;
  • Identified the impact of these changes;
  • Suggested responses to challenges and opportunities.

The Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research

The Tyndall Centre brings together scientists, economists, engineers and social scientists, who together are working to develop sustainable responses to climate change through trans-disciplinary research and dialogue on both a national and international level - not just within the research community, but also with business leaders, policy advisors, the media and the public in general.

The objectives of the Tyndall Centre are to:

  • Advance the science of integration, to develop, demonstrate and apply new methodologies for integrating climate-change related knowledge;
  • Develop responses, to seek, evaluate and facilitate sustainable solutions that will minimise the adverse effects of climate change and stimulate policy for the transition to a more benign energy and mobility regime;
  • Motivate society, to promote informed and effective dialogue across society about its ability and willingness to choose our future climate.

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