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Metered bill guide

The table below the bill explains all the numbered points highlighted in blue.
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2013-14 Measured bill page 1
2013-14 Measured bill page 2

Your metered bill explained

1.Your customer number - please quote this when you contact us.
2.This is the balance of charges still outstanding from your last bill taking into account payments received since it was issued and including any adjustments.
3.The charges for your water and sewerage services in this period.
4.£50 Government Contribution deducted from your bill for this period
5.The charges due for this period for the services detailed on the accompanying pages of the bill
6.This is the amount payable to settle this bill.

This is the total amount due for this bill period. This is calculated by the addition of the charges this period, any balance brought forward and the deduction of the £50 Government Reduction. 

Payment options are on the back of your bill. (VAT is payable on water supply charges by some industrial customers.)

8.Your meter serial number

Your water usage and fixed charge* - your water use multiplied by the price per cubic metre.

Plus the fixed charge* for providing your water which includes the costs of reading meters, billing, meter maintenance and replacement.


Sewerage charges are based on 95% of the water you use giving you a 5% allowance for water you use but which is not returned to our sewers. The sewerage volume is calculated using the formula 95% x volume of water used x price per cubic metre of sewerage.

The sewerage fixed charge* (if applicable) also contains an amount for surface water drainage.

11.£50 Government Contribution deducted from your bill for this period
12.The total amount due for this period

These are your latest and previous meter readings. If the reading has been estimated, you can, if you prefer, take your own reading and submit it online here. We will then send you an amended bill.

Please note that only the black digits on your meter are included in the usage calculations.

14.The amount of water in cubic metres you have used since your last bill. A cubic metre is equal to 1,000 litres or around 220 gallons.

*The fixed charges are an annual charge. Your bill includes a proportion of the fixed charge based on the number of days since your last meter reading.

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