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Un-metered bill guide

The table below the bill explains all the numbered points highlighted in blue.
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2013-14 Unmeasured page 1
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Your un-metered bill explained

1.Your customer number - please quote this when you contact us.
2.This is the balance of charges still outstanding from your last bill taking into account payments received since it was issued and including any adjustments.
3.The charges for your water and sewerage services in this period.
4.£50 Government Contribution credited to your bill

This is the total amount due for this bill period.  This is calculated by the addition of the charges for this period and any balance brought forward, minus the £50 Government Contribution

Payment options are on the back of your bill. (VAT is payable on water supply charges by some industrial customers.)

6.This is the amount payable to settle this bill.
7.This is the amount payable for your first instalment if you are paying your charges by instalments
8.Your water usage and fixed charge - water usage is calculated on the rateable value of your property set out by the Valuation List at 31 March 1990, plus the fixed charge
9.Sewerage charges and fixed charges (if applicable) are again based on the rateable value of your property and include the costs of receiving, treating and disposing of foul sewage and highway drainage and surface water drainage that returns to the public sewer.
10.£50 Government Contribution being deducted from your bill for the full period

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