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Sewer requisition

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If you have a new development site with no access to a public sewer because land owned by a third party is in the way, we can lay a sewer(s) to serve your site. We can negotiate land entry, easements and compensation for crossing the land.

Sewers can normally only be requisitioned for domestic purposes, either to serve new development or as a first time service to existing properties.  The requisitioned sewer would be constructed by us as a public sewer (serving more than one property) or as a lateral drain (serving only one property).

To requisition a sewer, the developer must have been granted full planning permission for the proposed development.

To requisition a sewer which is outside a development site it will be necessary to complete a Sewer Requisition or Diversion application form. We would recommend that reference is made to our guidance notes to assist in completing the application.

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