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Adoption of new sewers or pump stations

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If your development is going to be connected to our sewerage system, you will need to lay the on-site drains and sewers. Sewers and pumping stations must be constructed in accordance with current publication 'Sewers for Adoption'.

South West Water promotes the use of a Section 104 agreement, Water Industry Act 1991 for the adoption of new sewers and waste water pumping stations that are to be constructed as part of new developments. We have a dedicated Adoption's team within developer services.

If South West Water is to adopt new sewers and water pumping stations that are to be constructed as part of a new development, it will be necessary to complete S104 aid to making a sewer adoption.

As part of a Section 104 application, you are also required to apply for a Sewer Connection under Section 106 of the Water Industry Act 1991. This is required should you wish to connect to an existing South West Water asset.

Please click here for further information about how to apply for a new sewer connection.


All technical submissions for Pumping stations are reviewed against the following standards: Sewers for Adoption 7th Edition, along with South West Waters addendum to 6th Edition. (This take precedence over the 7th edition standard where applicable).

This is the standard for technical reviewing of all proposed adoptable pumping stations, regardless of the fact that you may be submitting the rest of your gravity network under Sewers for Adoption 6th edition, which you are still entitled to do.

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