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Adoption of existing sewers, pump stations and treatment works

South West Water can adopt existing sewers, waste water pumping station or treatment works under a Section 102 agreement (Water Industry Act 1991).

For South West Water to adopt existing sewers, waste water pumping stations or treatment works it will be necessary to complete S102 application form.

Once you application is confirmed as being complete you will receive a technical approval or rejection within a period of 28 days commencing on the day after receipt of a full application or if a incomplete application is received on the day after all the required information is received .An application is full when all the required information has been received. We will also arrange and undertake inspections of the manholes, pumping stations, treatment works as applicable and review the CCTV for the assets being offered for adoption and highlight and issue any defects which need to be remediated by the applicant.

Once we are satisfied with the technical and as constructed standard of the sewers, we will issue a notice to all interested parties prior to vesting taking place for a period of two months. Any objections received to the adoption in the two month period will need to be fully investigated and closed out before vesting takes place

South West Water's reasonable costs will be invoiced to the applicant and will need to be fully paid before certificates can be issued.

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