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water meters

Did you know: Customers who have switched to a water meter on average save up to £400 per year. Switch today.

Looking to switch?

Customers looking to switch to a water meter

Apply for a meter

Switching couldn't be easier, complete this online meter application form and leave the rest to us Switch to a meter today.

Water meter estimator

Use this calculator to estimate how much you could save by switching to a meter. Estimate meter savings

Already on a meter?

Services for metered customers

Send a meter reading

 If you have received a bill based on an estimated reading and would like a bill for your actual meter reading complete this form and we will send you a revised bill.

Water usage comparison

If you are on a water meter, you can use the Water Calculator to see how your household water use compares to an average household of the same size.

FREE water-saving kit

We offer FREE water-saving kits to South West Water customers to help you become more water efficient and ultimately save money.

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Meter readings
Moving home

Switch to a meter
Please complete this form to request the installation of a water meter.
Submit a meter reading
Submit your meter reading.
Estimate meter savings
Use the calculator below to estimate what your water bill would be if you switched to a water meter.
Assessed Charges explained
Assessed charges for domestic customers

Help & Advice
Common questions about 'Water Meters''

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