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Future of the water industry

South West Water regularly collaborates with other organisations to produce and publish reports on issues associated with the water industry. Ofwat, stakeholders, policy makers and others with an interest in the future of the water industry will often refer to these reports. Debate and engagement helps to develop our long term plans for the future.

GB Water Sector Reform - Treatment of water company RCV

South West Water commissioned Frontier Economics to undertake a study to examine the potential options for Regulatory Capital Value (RCV) allocation within the wider context of upstream reform in the GB water sector.

The potential for competition along the upstream parts of the value chain raises the challenge of ensuring that competition with the incumbent is fair and that efficient entry is facilitated. This suggests that the incumbent should compete in the competitive parts on the basis of full economic costs. The report considers a number of options for achieving this objective.

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GB Water Sector Upstream Reform

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