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FREE water saving kit

Take control of your water usage with our FREE water saving kit*

free devices
Even small changes can lead to a big difference and if we all just make a little effort to be more water efficient, the savings would become clear.

We have teamed up with savewater.co.uk to offer our customers FREE water-saving devices* that could save you water, money and reduce your carbon footprint too.

Order your great money-saving and environmentally friendly products for the home and garden here

What's in the kit?


Hippo 9
Every time a toilet is flushed the Hippo will save two to three litres of water. If your toilet was installed before 1991 it is suitable for this device.

Hippo 7

Hippo 7
The smaller version of popular design for cisterns installed between 1991 and 2001. Saves approximately one litre per flush.

Sets a constant flow rate of 7.5 litres per minute. It is not suitable for electric, multi-jet or power showers. Saves energy too.
Shower Timer
Shower timer
The four minute sand timer is a simple tool to help you shorten your shower time and save water and energy costs.
Spraymagic tap inser
Spraymagic tap insert
Saves on average 36 litres per day. Fits most hand basin taps with circular outlets. Simply screw into the open tap end.
Neoperl tap insert
Neoperl tap insert
Saves an average 36 litres per day. Fits most hand basin taps with screw fit nozzle outlet.


Top tips leaflet
Includes more water-saving tips for a water wise home 

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*Free water-saving devices - Terms and Conditions

This free offer from South West Water Ltd (SWW) is limited to its customers for use in their place of residence, and to one of each product per household, and is subject to availability. Items available may vary from those advertised.

The customer is responsible for ensuring that the complimentary products they have ordered are suitable for fitting to the plumbing appliances intended, and that they are installed correctly in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Subject to these limitations the free offer is not dependent on any other purchase or service from SWW.

If the product is damaged or defective, SWW shall have no liability and recommends that the manufacturer be contacted in these circumstances. SWW is not liable for any delays in the delivery of free water-saving products outside of its control. Under either circumstance SWW will not be obliged to offer any additional compensation for disappointment suffered.

Any water saved by any of the products in this offer is subject to variation, dependent on its correct installation and use, and is not guaranteed. SWW will not be liable to the customer for any indirect or consequential loss or damage arising out of any problem notified to SWW under this condition, and SWW shall have no liability to make any payment by way of compensation.

Your consumer rights are unaffected.

By accepting any product as part of a water-saving kit you accept in full these terms and conditions.

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