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Fine tune your flush

About a third of all the clean drinkable water we use in our homes is flushed straight down the loo.

There is however a very easy way to reduce this. By using a hippo you can save water every time you flush. These devices are FREE of charge to all our domestic customers.

Which device do you need for your toilet?

Cistern Size

Year fitted

Which Hippo?

9 litres or more

1991 or earlier


7.5 litres

1991 - 2001

Hippo 7

6 litres or less

2001 or later

Neither (leave as is)

Possible ways to find out the size or year of your toilet


Remove the lid and see if the size is marked anywhere inside


Decide what year the cistern was fitted


Flush the toilet and count how long it takes to flush - i.e. "one litre, two litres, three litres etc. The number you reach when it stops flushing will confirm its size


If you have a slim line toilet cistern we recommend that only the Hippo 7 is used

Water-saving devices

A Hippo 7 will reduce each flush by one litre. If your toilet was installed between 1991 and 2001 then it is suitable for this device.

Order a Hippo 7

Hippo small
A Hippo will reduce each flush by about three litres. Only use a Hippo if your toilet was installed before 1991.

Order a Hippo

dual flush
Dual flush toilets do not need any type of cistern device and any toilets that have been installed since 2001 should already be water efficient. Make sure you encourage your guests and family to use the appropriate flush to reduce the volume of water used each time

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