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How much water do you use? LHS Image

How much water do you use?

Did you know each person in our region uses 136 litres of water on average every day? It may seem a lot but it is amazing how quickly it adds up.

If you are concerned about your water usage, or it has recently increased and you're not sure why, download the leaflet on the right 'Understanding Your Water Usage'.
Water calculator

water comparison calculator
If you are on a water meter, you can use the water calculator to compare your household water usage with an average household of the same size to see where you can start making savings.

To use this calculator you will need to enter information from your metered water bill. Water calculator

Water meter estimator

water meter estimator
Use the water meter estimator to ensure you are making the most of your water supply without wasting it. Record how many times each member of your household uses the water in your home and see how it all adds up. This automatic calculator will then work out how much you could save on your water bill if you Switch to a meter 

Water saver
free kit
Use this calculator to see how much you could save if you installed free water-saving devices. The hippo and save-a-flush are both designed to save water each time you flush. These devices are free to all domestic customers. Water saver

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