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How much water do you use? LHS Image

Water calculator

If you are on a water meter, you can use the Water Calculator to see how your household water use compares to an average household of the same size.
How to use the water calculator:
1.To use this calculator you will need to enter information from your metered water bill.
2.Enter period start and end dates, volume used and number of persons in your household.  Click the blue 'calculate' button
3.The dark grey box will tell you the typical average water use for a household your size.
How are you doing?
This calculator will tell you how many litres each person uses every day.
The water droplet will tell you if your household is better or worse than average.
Note: The figures quoted are typical average figures.

Enter Period Start Date: help


Enter Period End Date: help


Enter Volume Used: help


Enter Number of Persons in Household:

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Typical average water use for a household your size is: 150 litres/person/day


How are you doing?

Water use for your household is :


+/- 4%

% better/worse than average



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