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Sewer flooding
Solidified fat
Flooded sewage pipe

Do your bit

Five things you can do to help

With South West Water's massive £2 billion 'Clean Sweep' programme coming to an end, we're keen to do all we can to preserve and build upon the huge transformation it's made to the region's bathing water quality. We are working with the Environment Agency and local councils to tackle the problem of misconnections, which means pollution from the home often makes it inadvertently into rivers and sometimes onto local beaches.

Customers can play their part in eliminating sewer blockages by observing the following ways to help.

Top TipWhat to do
Get a Fat Trap

As an alternative to pouring fat, oil and grease down the sink, the best method is empty left over material into a container such as a fat trap. This sealable plastic tub collects fats and oils whilst it cools and solidifies. The contents can then be disposed of in the bin. For more information visit South West Water's website.

Don't put inappropriate material down the toiletIt may appear as though items such as cotton buds and nappies have disappeared but the reality is they could be lurking around the U-bend - blocking your loo. For more advice download our 'Stop and Think, not down the sink' leaflet by clicking on the link on the right of this page
Check your washing machine or dishwasher is properly connected to the sewerMisconnections to the surface water system can occur when a house is extended, when people make other home improvements or when a new house is built. Visit www.connectright.org.uk for more information.
If you see obvious signs of pollution report itContact the Environment Agency or South West Water through the Contact Us page.
If you know of any private overflows which could be affecting water quality, then please also report itContact the Environment Agency or South West Water through the Contact Us page.

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