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Top Tips

Are you waterwise in and around your home?

Make a change using our waterwise check list. By changing your water usage habits you can not only save water but money if you are on a meter

 Water Wise check list  
Savings in your homeYesNo
• Do you always take a shower rather than a bath?
• Do you have a water saving device fitted to your toilet cistern?
• Have you checked the water level in your toilet cistern/s recently?
• Do you always use your washing machine or dishwasher with a full load?
• Have you replaced your washing machine or dishwasher in the last
five years?
• Do you use a glass when you clean your teeth?
• Do you make a habit of not rinsing vegetables, etc under a running tap?
Leaks around your home   
• Are all your taps and overflows drip free?
• Do you know that your underground service pipe (through your garden to your house) is not leaking?
• If you have a meter, do you know how to use it to check for leaks?
In the garden   
• Do you only use a watering can to water your garden?
• Do you choose not to use a sprinkler?
• If you have a hose, do you always use a trigger operated spray gun?
• Do you always use a bucket to wash your car?
• Do you use a water butt to collect rainwater for the garden?
• Do you use a composter for garden and vegetable waste?
• Is your garden planned to reduce watering requirements?
If you answer 'yes' to many of these questions, you're on the right track. If your answers are mostly 'no', then use our top tips for a waterwise home leaflet on the right for more water saving ideas

Fill your butts

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