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Private Pumping Stations
Some properties are connected to a private pumping station before they connect into our main sewer network. It is likely you will know this already if this is the case. Examples of these situations include small housing developments, caravan sites, remote farms and small business parks.

Private sewage pumping stations were not included in the private sewer transfer on 1 October 2011. Pumping stations which were constructed before 1 July 2011, serve two or more properties or are located outside the property boundary will transfer to the ownership of South West Water on 1 October 2016. Until this time, the owner(s) of the pumping station will continue to be responsible for its maintenance and repair. The owner will also continue to be responsible for the maintenance of the pumping station indefinitely if it is not a pumping station we are required to adopt.

Leading up to the transfer in 2016, we need to find and survey those qualifying pumping stations ready for transfer. If you have a private pumping station you can help us by filling in this form. We will then review the information you give us to confirm if the site qualifies for transfer in 2016 to South West Water. However it is important to remember that you still need to maintain and repair your pumping station until 1 October 2016 if it qualifies for transfer or indefinitely if it is not a pumping station we are required to adopt.

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The video below illustrates how this different property type will be affected by the private pumping station transfer.


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If we have already surveyed your Private Pumping Station and you have an enquiry relating to it then please let us know.

Private pumping station enquiry

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