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Investigations by the Environment Agency and South West Water have identified that one of the sources of faecal pollution to some of the bathing waters in the South West is misconnections.

Misconnections happen when homes or businesses have wrongly connected their plumbing into the surface water system, which eventually discharges into rivers or streams, instead of the public sewerage network to be treated.

This can range from something as simple as a wrongly connected washing machine or dishwasher to something more serious, such as toilet waste or even whole estates feeding into surface water drains.

Misconnections can occur when a house is extended, when people make other home improvements or when a new house is built.

Misconnections are often simple and cheap to fix. Usually it is the responsibility of the property owner to fix misconnections, however we may be able to help. Failure to fix a misconnection could result in legal action being taken by the local authority or Environment Agency

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