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Stay safe on the beach

Follow these simple tips from Surf Life Saving Great Britain to stay safe on the beach.

Find the red and yellow flags and swim between them.

Look at the safety signs.

Ask a Lifeguard for advice.

Get a friend to swim with you.

Stick one hand up and shout if you get into difficulty. If you see someone else in difficulty tell someone, preferably a lifeguard, or dial 999 and ask for the coastguard.

Know your flags

Safe flag
Safest, patrolled bathing area, always swim between the flags
Craft flag
Designated craft area for surfboards, kayaks and other non-powered craft. Never swim or body board here
Do not enter flag
Do not enter the water
Offshore winds flag
Offshore winds - do not use inflatables

Always swim on a lifeguarded beach

The beach can seem like a safe haven for fun but waves, rips and tides can be the cause of many emergencies so it's always best to check your local tide and rip information with your local lifeguards on patrol, the Harbour Master or local Tourist Information Centre.

Slip, slap, slop, slosh!

Slip on a T-shirt, Slap on a hat, Slop on some sun-protection, Slosh - drink plenty of water!

Avoid rips

Rips are strong currents that can quickly take swimmers out of their depth. Ask a Beach Lifeguard to show you the safest place to swim. If you get caught in a rip, don't panic - stay calm. Alert a Beach Lifeguard by raising one arm and shouting for help.

Don't let go

If you get into trouble while on or with your inflatable, or while body boarding or surfing, stay with your craft as it will keep you afloat and stay calm. Alert a Beach Lifeguard by raising one arm and shouting for help.

Look after your beach

Keep it a haven for people and creatures. Take your litter home, clean up after your dog and look but don't touch the wildlife - leave only footprints.

Surf Life Saving Great Britain

Surf Life Saving GB is a charity with 5,000 volunteers helping to make our beaches a safer and more enjoyable place for everyone. The charity's volunteers have been providing beach lifeguard training and volunteer beach patrols for over 55 years.

Find out more at www.slsgb.org.uk or telephone 01392 369111.

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