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BeachLive 2014 Season
South West Water LogoWelcome to BeachLive - the South West's award-winning bathing water quality information system.

We've relaunched BeachLive at selected locations ahead of the new bathing water season on 15 May.

You still have the option of personalising your view with weather, surf or tide updates from your favourite beach.

Please be aware outside the official season there is likely to be reduced signage at many bathing waters and other services such as lifeguarding may not be available or reduced.

Revised Bathing Water Directive

Mawgan Porth

The European Union's revised Bathing Water Directive (2006/7/EC) came into force in March 2006.

The overall objective of the revised directive is the protection of public health, but it also offers an opportunity to improve management practices at bathing waters and to standardise the information offered to bathers across Europe.

The new directive classifies bathing waters as either excellent, good, sufficient or poor.

Read more Revised Bathing Water Directive

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